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Empaths expressing and helping one another
This community was created for empaths to express themselves and support each other as these are two things that are essential for an empath to be able to do to find serenity and happiness. It is my opinion that it is a gift to be an empath but without direction and help, it can feel like a curse. Hopefully this community will aid in helping to ground and center, making you a happier empath who can use your gift without feeling so spent all of the time. This community is geared towards pagans but any empath is welcome. Use this community in good health. Blessed be.

About Empaths: An empath is a person who has heightened sensitivity when it comes to picking up and absorbing the feelings and energy of others. In this way, they act as a human sponge. They aren't always psychic but can be and even if they aren't, they usually have a very strong sense of intuition. They are typically caregivers and the type of people that are often sought out for advice. Like a magnet, people are very attracted to them for this purpose because of their amazing, powerful, understanding nature. Empaths tend to be naturally kind hearted since their empathy gives them a deeper insight into noble human emotions and motivations. They often yearn to help when they can but can easily get burnt out because its difficult to deal with the constant stream of high charged emotions whether positive or negative. This can lead to a great deal of stress and even have a negative impact on the mental and physical health of the empath. Empaths tend to not only be empathetic with people but are also very sensitive to nature. They may have very strong opinions about the environment and the rights of animals. At their best, an empath can be a powerful force of nature that can inspire and propel great change for the better. At worst, an empath can become sick, depressed, closed off or even suicidal if they don't figure out how to ground and take care of themselves.


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